Packing…the struggle is REAL

To panic or not to panic? That is the question….that I shouldn’t be worried about.

I am in the midst of packing and struggling! I am given 2 checked bags, 1 carry-on and a personal bag. At first, this shouldn’t be too hard. I was the master of Tetris game and always pack lite. I will be gone for 2 years, so I need to pack super duper smart. Super duper is stronger than super! Usually, I pack pretty simple and can always have folks ship goods over to my site. Deciding on what to pack and trying to make more spaces to my luggage takes so much time. I spent all day and night deciding which items and clothing makes the cut. I can always shop what I need when arrive to Elbasan. I read that clothes will be expensive and in poor quality. I have a small frame so traveling with many bags will be difficult. So far I have been packing without problems.

This is my personal list of must bring:

Chargers (phone/solar bank)
Memory cards
Digital camera
Mobile phone

Medicine and female products:
Asian green oil
Stronger than Asian green oil…the Asian white oil
Women’s one a day

Rubber rain boots
Flippy floppies
Professional flats
Winter boots
Casual boots
Hiking shoes
Professional heels
………..OK that is a lot of shoes to bring….

Sleeping bag (light weight, down)
Thermo lite blanket
Blow-up pillows
Neck pillow
Cool/heating pad

Clothing (the worst part):
1 hoodie
2 thermal shirts
1 I’m a badass like a honey badger shirt
….to be continued

Funzies just to pass the time:
Zombie Survival Guide Book
Rubik’s Cube

Consumable goods:
6 Cliff Bars
2 boxes of Emergen-c’s
12 packets of Thai tea

2 of my pocket size travel buddies: El Paco and Snippy Meme
Scrubba Washbag

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