Sadness is slowly creeping onto me

The thought of moving to another country sounded great a few months ago. But as days and weeks passed, it’s getting closer to departure. I’m starting to feel depressed. I’m usually not like this when I travel for a few months but 2 years is quite a long time. This is different! I don’t know what triggers me to feel sad. Maybe I’m just getting older. Maybe I’m becoming humany-wumany and developing human emotions. I’m getting mixed emotions running through my head. I’m sad that I won’t be seeing my friends and family for long periods of time. I don’t have much time to visit everyone. I’m excited to meet new people from the other side of the world and make new “forced” friends with fellow volunteers. I hope they like me! I don’t know what the future will bring. I’m worried that people will not be nice to me and all those nonsense running through my head. Or maybe it’s the weather that is putting me under a gloomy spell.

Yeah….it must be the weather.

By the way, I’m joking about the making new “forced” friends. I have this awkward and quirky humour. It gives my blog character.

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