Saying Good Bye is lame

I guess another word is sad. I’m not into the whole hugging and exchanging good byes. It seems my friends and family are sadder than me leaving sad.

This morning, my boyfriend dropped me off at the airport. Strangely, I did not cry like I thought I would. I’m guessing I overcame the sadness or maybe my mind is just exhausted and doesn’t want to feel other emotions besides sleep or eat. I took off from DFW to ATL in Atlanta, Georgia. It was about a two hour flight, and then an hour flight from ATL to Philadelphia. I finally met up with the other volunteers and we all rode together in a shuttle bus.


Our hotel was in downtown at Hampton Inn. I checked in, dropped my stuff in my room and then went to the lobby to meet up with other volunteers and registered. It was overwhelming and I was too tired to socialize.


After the registration, a couple volunteers who I recently met and I walked around looking for a place to eat. We ate at a pizza and pasta place in downtown.


I took a few pictures of the area on my way back….



In the next two days, I will be super busy at the meeting. Everyone will be dressing business casual. It’s going to be a long day. I’m looking forward to meet more volunteers and doing icebreakers with them.

One thought on “Saying Good Bye is lame

  1. I am glad that you made it safely. I can’t decide if saying goodbye is more awkward than meeting new people. i Usually cringe at icebreakers in a work setting. hopefully, you bond with other volunteers and have new adventures. I am sure snippy enjoys being on the go again,


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