The first Peace Corps orientation….

It was long but very informative. The meeting discussed trainees about expectations and preparing mentally for Albania. We also did other thing such as icebreakers, skits, hearing stories, and getting to know other volunteers and even on a personal level. It was really fun and I am happy that I finally get to meet like minded people who I can relate with. I can relate with many of the volunteers that it was getting overwhelming but I enjoyed it a lot. Back home in Dallas, it was rare to find someone who I can click with… know who you guys are!

There were a couple returned volunteers who came in as guests and spoke at the meeting. It was fun to listen.

I was struggling to stay awake and was feeling sick, but the meeting was really informative and I tried really hard to stay up! It seems that a lot of trainees struggled as well. I’ve been exhausted and stressed over packing and travelling. Sorry!!

After the meeting, I met up with one of the trainees and walked to the Rocky Steps or Philadelphia Museum of Art. The surrounding area is very international with so many different flags hanging on the light posts. I enjoyed the area and took several pictures. When I got to the Rocky Steps, it was not surprising to hear people whistling to the Rocky theme. I laughed.

After visiting the Rocky Steps, I walked around the city and took a few pictures.

For dinner, I had my first Philly Cheese steak at Jake’s, and it was tasty but fattening. I met up with other trainees there and chatted. Talking to them made me realize that they will be my closest foundation through my service and I’m really happy to meet them. Hurray for forced friends!

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