last moments, last glance

This morning, I got up early and ate breakfast. I moved my bags to the room where I had staging. People were scaling their bags and stressing over the weight. Our Peace Corps coordinators passed out survey evaluations and wished us luck on our journey.

The 55 trainees were spilt into six groups so we can look out for our own members in smaller tabs. There were two buses outside the hotel, and it was raining outside. We dragged our bags and stacked them inside the bus. The bus ride was three hours long- to JFK airport in New York. The traffic in N.Y. was just awful! I can’t compare which is worse…Los Angeles traffic or N.Y. traffic… they made Jesus cry.

We arrived at the airport, took out everyone’s bags, and checked in a couple hours early. We had a bite to eat and watched over each other’s belongings, taking turns watching on these shifts. I had salmon sushi, the damage was $12.99. It tasted mediocre. I could buy the same mediocre rolls for $5 at Wal-Mart. Anyways, I’m really glad we have an organized system going on. This is a great team!

After we passed the TSA security point, we easily spotted our gate to Vienna. Something hit me that got me teary-eyed. It was the thought of me leaving for long periods of time and making my dream into reality. I made last minute text and phone calls to my friends and family back home. The number that I have is now no longer active.

Our flight was Austrian Airlines. The assigned seats were spread out. I was hoping for an aisle seat. Luckily, my seat was at the end of the airplane with just two seats on the side. No one was behind me so I won’t have to awkwardly recline my chair.

As the plane took off, I glanced over the window to take the last look of America. I’m finally heading back to Europe and making my big dream to become a Peace Corps Volunteer.

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