Aydah in Albania!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

After the last hour flight from Vienna, the plane finally landed in Tirana. Staying in the plane for hours was the most dreadful part of the journey. I’m so glad the flight is over with. There were two PC staffs waiting for us by the border control to give us a coin to deposit a renting a cart for heavy luggage. Even though the flight transit is done, I had to endure another hour in a bus ride, from Tirana airport to Elbasan. This was a better journey but tiring. At least I get to enjoy the scenery and learn the atmosphere of Albania. I noticed there are a lot of mountains, garbage everywhere, and stray dogs. The locals dresses fashionable. I don’t think I have anything fashionable to wear. Yikes…..
The bus ride became long so I took a quick nap. We finally arrive to our hotel and picked up our luggage, moved them to the garage, and then walked to my room. I had a welcome dinner and met some Peace Corps staffs. It was an honor to meet the mayor of Elbasan! I was disappointed that I didn’t get enough to eat because there weren’t a lot of food on the table and there were a lot of us. I basically had a vegetarian diet. That’s ok because I had new companies to chat with and met new staffs to talk to.

I managed to get Wi-Fi but the signal isn’t great. That is to be expected from now on….

Tomorrow will be another busy week. I am dealing with jetlag. I will get back to my normal state once everything is settled.

I apologize for not putting up pictures yet…..hence the poor WiFi signal here!



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