ahhhh kina!!!!!!

Today was interestingly fun! I had a great time.

I had a medical interview and got my shots. That was not so fun times. But after the session, I had a group city walk with my colleagues and getting to know my Albanian teacher. We walked around the city Elbasan and it was beautiful! Surprisingly it’s quiet but earlier in the day, it was busy. There were so many colorful buildings to cover up the old soviet grey buildings. It didn’t remind me so much about soviet Russia. There were several statues here and there. I took tons of pictures and being a tourists for now. I will turn into a local Albanian in a couple of weeks.

The group walked to a shopping center, to the electronic store.

Funny thing happened to me twice today. I just encountered a racial remark as I passed by. Someone gasped and said, “Ohhh! Kina!!!!”, meaning “Oh! Chinese!” I thought that was amusing as I walked passed the sidewalk and then another Albanian said it again couple minutes later. It is to be expected. I already got stares from people too but it doesn’t bother me.

I visited the old castle in the middle of Elbasan. It was beautiful inside with gardens and cafes. There were several stray dogs when I walked through the alley with my group.








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