Garlic my post from evil spirits!

Fyi, I’ve been super busy. Wi-Fi is so weak that it makes Jesus cry. Many pictures won’t be uploaded. I will return to my previous posts and edit them when I have good connection. Promise with a kiwi on top.

Normally when I study, I study alone. Tonight, I was having a group study and it was fun. I helped my colleagues on their pronunciation because that’s important. We are encouraged to practice outside the class. I enjoy helping what I know and teaching a language is my forté. In language class, I was competitive and doing my best.

I’m starting to get familiarized with Elbasan. I enjoy the walk around and people watching during lunch hours. The busiest days are in the early afternoons. I get stared at a lot but that is normal. I’m so used to getting stared at. Minority for life!
Starting now, I will put a word of the day routine for every entry! Or other things such as cultural, superstitions, body language, or anything that pertains to Albania! I want YOU (my readers) to learn something from my blog too! 🙂

Word of the day: kastravec
Sounds like “KAH-strah-vets”
Meaning- cucumber

Albanian superstition of the day:
Why? It is believed to keep evil spirits away from home, it protects from evil.

In my personal experience, my friend placed their garlic outside.

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