Cost of postal service with a byrek on top

Get a taste of byrek! I bought potato byrek- it is sort of a pastry/pies, for only 50 lekë. Then I walked to the bookstore on Elbasan boulevard and bought a few postcards 30 lekë each. The cost for postage to send a postcard is 150 lekë;equivalent to $1.50!! So I am going to send postcards to whoever is worthy of my $1.50. 🙂 just kidding! Most of you guys back home will receive a postcard from me but it will take a long while to get it. At the post office, I learned that it takes from ten days to a month for one to receive a letter. Even when doing express mail, it’s more pricier but it will also take the same amount of time to receive a letter! How is this logical?!

I finally arrived to my flat and had dinner with the rest of the trainees. I also met a few other volunteers who are from group 16 and 17, and they had dinner with us as we chat. It’s really interesting listening to their stories.

Albanian word of the day:


-Pronounced as “pah-tah-teh”
-Meaning potato.

What is byrek? “bEW-wreck” It is an Albanian pie, not the sweet kind but the savory kind. It is not like quiche or chicken pot pie. You can eat it with cheese, meat, potatoes, fruits, and all sorts of goodness. They are very cheap and very delicious. 50 lekë is equivalent to 38 cents. I would also think they are filling!

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