Car in Albanian

March 22 2015
Title: Car in Albanian

My host-folks LOL’d when they asked me what “makina” was in English. I don’t know if this was a trick that the host-bro tried to pull on me-to say “penis” in Albanian. If he did, it worked. I just sat there, smile and nod, looking like an idiot. Well played.

My host sister and I walked around the city and bought lettuce. I found my colleagues walking around, one of them lives across from me. I saw a ruined castle that the Turks destroyed centuries ago. Today, people go there to play soccer or chill.


The mosque is literally a two minutes walk from my host-flat.

We watched tv in the living room and being warm. Host-mama and host-sister will show me how to make spinach byrek. I became super ecstatic. Then my host-sister showed me how to do some belly dancing because she’s the belly dancing queen. Both the host-sister and bro showed me the Russian kalinka dance. It was an exciting evening.

We watched some Albanian tv reality shows and Turkish novella series. Many Turkish shows are aired on Albanian tv, with Albanian subtitles. Another productive night!
Albanian superstition of the day:
Don’t kill the butterfly

Why: Albanians believe that the butterfly is the spirit of someone’s relatives. It could be one’s grandparents visiting by to say hello.

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