The new cool and foreign kids in the hall

March 23 2015
Title: The new cool and foreign kids in the hall

I had my first Shqip lesson at a high school. Of course, the stares  happened. I hoped I looked cool. My colleagues and I walked down the hall, heading to our classroom…looking badass. In reality, we’re just foreigners looking… foreigners. Many teenagers were laughing and giggling at us. We took the opportunity to practice our Shqip on them, as some spoke English to us and being excited, shaking hands and all that. I have never felt like such a rock star. The most terrifying thing I discovered in the restrooms was the lack of toilet paper! Several public restrooms had no toilet paper rolls as well! So I had to steal some napkins and bought a few rolls to carry with! Yikes!

I met up with the rest of my colleagues whom I have not seen in two days since the host family orientation. We stayed at the cafe and discussed about our hosts. Then we explored around town, showing each other’s houses and then headed home.

At home, I noticed I had to switch on the machine for hot water when using the shower.

That evening, I taught my host members how to eat using chopsticks. All succeeded! They practiced on popcorn, using chopsticks. My host mom made me a nice avocado green scarf. It’s awesome! On t.v., we watched Albanian The X Factor and some Indian soap operas. My host siblings and I made goofy noises and saying words in a silly way. My favorite words to have fun with were KASTRAVEÇ and kukoshka.

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