My first Nevruz

I enjoyed greeting high school students in the morning whenever I get stared at. Just for practice and I’m diagnosed with the honey badger syndrome. If you don’t know what that is, look it up on YouTube: The Badass honey badger.

So during passing period, as I greeted students, this one boy made Chinese eyes at me. I made Chinese eyes back at him. My friend shook his head in disgust. Amusing!
(In the middle of class time)
So there were these Albanian punks, teenage boys hanging at the lobby and smoking cigarettes inside the school building. There seems to be no rules for smoking in school apparently.

I was somewhat attacked by one of the punks, he looked like the alpha of the group. It was terrifying in a very amusing way. Luckily, I had my friend escorted me. I needed to use the restroom, TURKISH SQUAT STYLE (WADDUP DORIS!), toilet paper sold separately. As I was walking back to class with my friend escorting me, this punk grabbed my hand and tried to drag me away from class. My friend was a tomboy in her days so she has that toughness in her. She lightly pushed him off me and shouted several times “JO!!! JO JO!” (NO NO NO!) at him. He then grabbed the back of my backpack to drag me back towards his possee but she pushed him off. It was the craziest moment ever, that at the same time, it was funny!

This punk kept interrupting our class, knocking and opening our door just to laugh and talk to us, Americans. Our Albanian language teacher told him off several times. The most ridiculous and amusing thing I saw what that punk did-he popped in our class, inhaled his cigarette and then exhaled fumes at us, and then closed the door. We stood there chuckled and my classmate was like “what a d***”.

After class, we waited for our teachers outside of school. It was lunch time. Many students walked passed and stared at us. This gave several of us opportunity to practice our Albanian. I thought the children were lovely and sweet. There was a group of little 3rd graders who I was talking to. I also spoke to several teenagers who wanted to practice their English in us. It was welcoming.

We took the furgon to Elbasan,  an hour drive from our town. I met up with other trainees and asked how their host families were. We stayed for several hours there and then took the furgon back to our town. It was getting late and problematic for us to get our furgon. Luckily, our teacher helped out.

When we finally arrived, I noticed in the night time, lots of men walks around. I don’t see women around during this time. It was slightly intimidated. Luckily, I was with a group.

I just realized we had a special Albanian holiday, Nevruz, consists of eating byrek. First, people who are being served byrek searches for the coin that’s hidden inside the pie. Supposedly it brings good luck to whoever finds it in their slice. My host dad is the lucky one.


After dinner, the whole family did circle dance and I participated, knowing how terrible a dancer I am. Just working out. They were so funny and energetic! Then we watched reality shows and Turkish Desperate housewives.
More pictures



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