March 25 2015

Took the furgon to get to Elbasan. Everyday, I have to look at the post-Soviet landscapes because they are beautiful, in a sense of abandonment and empty. This is what the game, Fallout, would look like.

I learned a popular Albanian song in Elbasan, that I actually enjoyed. Usually, I’m a heavy metal or Icelandic mellow music type of guy (complete opposite, I know), but this one is decent. It’s a pop song called “Mirëmëngjes”. Good morning.

I took the furgon back to my town and enjoyed the Fallout view from the window. When I got home, I hung out with my hosts with the usual routine. We watch Turkish soap operas, studying Albanian, eat dinner, Albanian dance, watching another series of Turkish Desperate housewives, study and then sleep. I’m not complaining.

Reflecting on my host family. One word: wonderfulcharmingwarm. They make me feel human and I learned immensely a lot from them. My Albanian is slowly getting better. I’m so involved with them that I felt like I’m part of a family member. Today, I was looking through their family photo album. It’s interesting to look at family albums from different culture, way of life and thinking. A lot of their family members are spread out to Italy, Greece, Macedonia, and Turkey. I’m really grateful for the family I’m assigned to. A few of my colleagues weren’t so close or involved closely with their family. Every family has its ups and downs. But I can’t complain about mine, except the lack of heat in the house, but that’s manageable. I’m buried in 10 blankets.

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