Away from comfort zone

Today I had two English class observations. One was a small beginner class, and the other was big rowdy advanced class. Some students were really engaging, while the others neglect English. The classroom, textbooks, chairs and tables are old and beaten down. There were so many knife-carved texts on tables. Chalkboards were painted black on the wall. Restrooms are Turkish style with no toilet paper. Parents pay for school guard, not the city. Definitely low budget.







For lunch, my colleagues and I had pizza for lunch with our language instructor. I haven’t had Tabasco sauce in forever. Tabasco sauce is my spirit animal.

After class, we got tailed by a roma (gypsy) kid. He was a little boy, ragged clothing, dirty and bare footed. He kept following us and put out his hand for some spare lekë. As we walked toward a café, two local Albanian men stepped forward to intimidate the little boy. He stopped for a while but continued walking with us. He was treated like a dog. People were telling him to get lost. As we enter the cafe, the owner laughed at the little boy, and his friend walked him out to the street.

I got home and did the usual routine with the host. Dinner and Turkish Desperate housewives…sometimes Big Brother. I’m not a fan of reality tv shows, in fact…I hate watching those, but on the bright side, I’m learning shqip. Avash Avash (slowly slowly).

I signed up for no comfort, no luxury, lack of free time and no napping. I signed up for being out of my comfort zone. It’s quite tiring but I’m used to it from my previous living abroad. I’m not complaining much. I’m too chill and going with the flow. I’m diagnosed with the badass honey badger syndrome.
Albanian of the day: head movements

“Po” means yes
“Jo” means no

When nodding head, it’s a no.
When shaking head sideways, it’s a yes.

In my personal experience, I keep having this mixed up. Whenever my host shakes her head sideways, I kept thinking she does not agree with me. That’s her way of agreeing with things, and Albanians in general.

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