Kuq e zi!!

March 29 2015
Title: kuq e zi (red and black)

That’s the score! Albania vs Armenia. Albanians went nuts, of course! Lots of car honking, flag waving, people shouting “SHQIPËRIA” (Albania) and  jumping around. I tried to stay away and not get hurt from the craziness.


So I’ve been recovering from a fever while most of my colleagues went out for a hike to other villages. Instead, I hung out with my host and get jokingly beaten up by my host siblings. The weather was nice so we had a picnic outside. My host ma gave me the most intensive massage to get rid of the headache. It was intense.

That same day, the water stopped running. I wanted to take a number 2. I was screwed. If I have to deal with this in the middle of the night, it’ll be so awkward. To encountered that, I better have several buckets of water to flush out. Very luxurious!
Word of the day: Ik
Meaning: go, go away
Pronounced like: ick

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