Meanwhile in Ada Albania…

March 30 2015
Title: Meanwhile in Ada Albania

A 9 year old boy was driving the car, and the person next to him was his dad. This is very unusual, but the town I’m living is the land of miracles.

The usual routine- watching Indian drama with the fambam, Albanian circle dancing, and studying the language. My least favorite part of learning the language is telling time. I hate hate hate learning to tell time. I want to slap people whenever I get answers like “20 til” or “10 til”. How am I suppose to know what hour they’re talking about?! It’s drives some people like me nuts!!! But when talking about time in Albanian, it’s even more ridiculous and confusing. Maybe it’s because I hate numbers. I can’t think numbers to save my life. Lame!!!!

There are times when my brain doesn’t want to work the language, but there are times when I get it real quick. My brain is overloading but I do appreciate the full immersion of the language and culture. I can just sit there and let unknown words fly over me and look like and idiot. Some people would be really intimidated and give up what people try to say to them.


Albeni is a lightly crisp version of Twix.

The word of the day: bythë
It means: butt, a person’s bottom
Pronounced like: booth

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