Slippers in the house

I did my usual “hi how are you, what did you do today?” With my host folks and watching Big Brother. We’re watching Disney Cinderella in albanian, it’s “Hirushun”.

What’s interesting is that my host mom is really serious about people wearing slippers in the house. If she finds someone without slippers, she’ll freak out and makes sure they wear them. Most Albanians fear that one will catch a cold from not wearing slippers.

In America, I don’t always wear slippers because….I just don’t. In Albania, I wear slippers with socks! I’m not a fan but I’ll go with it.

Earlier today, an awesome old man, one of my colleague, he’s so cool. The point is, he gave me his Albanian scarf from the Sunday soccer match. I tried to declined but he insisted to let me keep it. Again, he is just cool and everyone loves him! The moment he landed in Albania, he already made a whole bunch of friends without speaking the language! He has this aura that attracts people around him. He’s positive, straight forward, funny, talkative and charismatic.

Furgon driver picked up a police officer to drive him to work. The officer walked out without paying the driver and playing on his phone. The driver honked at him, the officer turned around wondering what’s up. The driver told him he’s suppose to pay, but the officer turned around and continued walking. What a jerk!

Word of the day: Hirushun
Meaning: Cinderella
Pronounced: Hee-roo-shun

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