Gezuar Pashket and Happy Easter!

My friends and I took a mountain drive to Llogara. The scenic view was once again…..breath taking! Pictures could not do it justice so I didn’t bother taking a picture of it. Mountains and greens plus the clouds covering the top part of the mountains. The weather gets colder and foggy as we cautiously drove up, not to mention the rain and wind. Unfortunately, this weather was not nice to me and covered the beautiful scenic view of the ocean from the top mountain view. I had lunch with my friends in this castle looking restaurant. It was freezing cold and we’re the only one there.


The inside had no lights…including the restrooms had no lights. At least toilet paper was provided!


Going down, my friend was more cautious driving down from the mountain to the city center. During the drive, we listened to gypsy music, gypsy culture, the sensitive discussion about the rival history between Albanians and Serbian. It was intense and interesting to listen one side of the story about Albanians and Kosovo.





And then back to the center!



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