Grocery shopping experience at Orikum

I arrived to a nice quiet coastal town in Orikum. Beautiful view and my host lives directly by the coast.

It is raining and windy outside so we can’t do much.

I went grocery shopping and bought some candies for 30 cents total.


I love almond joy but this coconut chocolate candy doesn’t have almonds in it. The other is the cheap brand of Twix. While browsing around, electricity went off. People continue to shop.

Electricity goes off and on in this town. If I have to live in a town where electricity goes out a lot, I have my handy dandy flashlight that needs no battery! I’ll just run the little device that keeps the lights running as it makes this dorky sound. I get laughed at a lot because of it but hey, I’m using it in real situation…. D BRO!

Anyways, take a look at this rainy morning coast!


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