A walk around Orikum


This is a picture of city hall. It looks nice on the front, but behind it is a different world.


This road leads to the ocean.


There’s a soccer game going on, all boys and men. There weren’t any girls or women out there. I learned not to give eye contact and kept walking. It’s a sign that you want something if there’s eye contact. That’s cool…whatever. I don’t like making eye contacts anyway.

At home, my friend made byrek. I helped skinned potatoes. We listened to some street punk music, because that’s what we listened to when we were teenagers. It was great. Then we watched The Wolf of Wall Street. I don’t know if that’s one word or two words.

The power kept going on and off. It was starting to become bothersome because of the windy weather.

Unë shkruaj në shqip tani. Unë po ha byrek me patate në orën 09:00. Unë dua caj. Unë vetem po caj. Unë pelchen caj.

Word of the day:
Mos më prek

Meaning: don’t touch me

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