A visit at a high school in Orikum

Title: a visit at a high school in Orikum
Date: April 7 2015


I visited a school where my host volunteer worked. She introduced me to several staff and some of her good English students. Many students were surprised to see me because they’ve never been closed to an Asian before. We exchanged greetings and some said I have nice eyes. They wanted me to be there teacher. A student walked passed and said “Ni hao” at me. I think he was trying to be culturally sensitive. It was amusing but they thought I was Chinese.


After that, I walked down the long path that leads to the shore.






I met up with my host volunteer to say bye and took the bus back to Vlorë. She was a wonderful host who cooks well and have many things in common with me. She taught me to become a good host, so that next time, I will do the same to future volunteer.

On my way to Vlorë, I met up with my colleagues and their host volunteers from that city. We went to the library that carries English language books. I enjoyed being in that building and I would like to work there.

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