Finder’s keepers!

I found a pencil on the floor in the classroom. It’s not easy to find pen and pencils anywhere here. I get excited to find one and claimed! I’m too frugal to buy my own.

Today I had another observation at an English class. It seems that the girls work alot harder and the boys just don’t care. There are also three groups in the class. The quiet, the active, and the lazy. The gender dynamic bothers me here and how behind this country is when it comes to women equality. Women in America worked so hard to get where we are today. Be thankful for that guys! Sorry,I went off topic there! Anyways, I took a few photo of the classroom setting. It’s awful and chairs are beaten, tables were carved with messages and drawn.







The hole in a wall. The door is thin and old.
Albanian Phase of the day: Me fat
Meaning: I’m lucky
Pronounced: meh fat

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