Çun-y toons/Çuns-in-training

Title: Çun-y toons/Çuns-in-training

Before I share my story, you are probably wondering…what’s a çun?

Çun (choon, sounds like toon) is a boy, unmarried, trouble maker in training, mostly ill-mannered, hardly paid attention in school, not a gangsta, but you get the idea. They usually dressed in Nike or adidas jumpsuits, dark colored winter jackets. Similar to a lad in British term.

Anyways, whenever I see a group of boys, pre-teens, I usually sense trouble coming from them. I call them çun-y toons.

So here’s what happened…

Two friends and I went on a stroll during our lunch break. It was nice and sunny outside. We walked down the road and saw a couple of çun-y toons. One boy walked towards us and teasingly said “money” and “lekë”. We ignored and kept walking. From 30 feet away, I noticed rocks falling on us. I turned back and saw çuns throwing rocks at us. We walked a little faster. Seconds later, an orange was thrown at my friend’s backpack. We all turned and my friends yelled “don’t do that!” The boys cursed at us and dropped the F bomb. Luckily, I didn’t get hit when I was walking behind my friend who did get hit. I could have been the one who got hit but missed! It was scary but minutes later, we laughed because it was funny. Basically, they wanted attention from us.

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