The hike

Today, I had a short day in class. My classmates and I decided to hike up on the mountains. It was almost a 6 mile hike. There were alot of going up hills, that made the hike a bit intense. We saw lots of poops, some cows, sheeps, and a horse. The panoramic view was beautiful from the mountains. Looking at the town view was amazing from above. There was a good view of some rivers and lakes, a bridge, a village, and an open sky. The trails were really bumpy and I’m glad I wore my hiking shoes that day. Going up to the top, the weather was beautiful and sunny. I enjoy the complimentary breeze.






Once we finally reached the top, eventually we walked back down to town. I found a bunker, and these are randomly around Albania.


The group dispersed and a few of us went to go relax at a cafe. I earned myself a limon soda after an intense hiking. I needed this workout.


The other day, I came to high school with my friend. There were çunny toons walking pass us. As usual, they gave me their Chinese eyes and said ching Chang chong. I replied back to them “ching chong ting tong ling long”. They turned around, I grinned and walked to class like a boss.

Aside from that, I’ve been coughing a lot because pollution wants to be my friend. I don’t like it and I don’t welcome it. Every time I’m riding a furgon, I smell gasoline coming into my lunge and it was unpleasant.


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