The token lonewolf

This morning, my usual gang and I walked to the bazaar. It is an outdoor market place in Peqin located by the Lake Shumkin. There were many vendors selling different household goods, second hand clothes, meat, spices, fruits, shoes and miscellaneous stuff. This is nothing like the mall, what do you expect?  Haggle is normal and vendors uses old lekë. It opens at 9 in the morning and dies down by noon. I didn’t buy anything, but was there for the experience. I’m frugal and I help talk my friends out from buying things. I met up with a few friends who came to visit from Pajove. A few vendors were amazed by some of us. After we walked around, we hung out at a cafe and then walked to the ruined castle.

I saw a çun wearing a One Direction shirt. I felt indifferent about it but OD stuff I’ve seen usually associates with teenage girls or younger.






I walked within my group, but I usually walk ahead. That’s how I got the name from my group, the token lonewolf. I’m used to travel solo.
Albanian word of the day: kaq
Pronounced like: catch
Meaning: that’s all

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