Yoga session for PST and Asian celebrity

Today, the trainees were separated into several groups of 6 or 7. Each group accompanied by their language teacher to get around Elbasan. The objective of the group work is to practice Albanian language on the locals- walk around the city and ask for directions, talking about family and daily routines with students. First, we asked for directions to a museum-Muzeu Etnografik.




After exploring, we asked another natives for a different location called IriSoft. It’s a language center. We kept asking directions until we reached our destination. We spoke to several students, it was quiet and awkward. Other places we found was an Italian restaurant called MammaMia. We talked to an Albanian history professor. Then we walked to a language high school and talked to students. These students already know English but we chat with them in Albanian.

For lunch, I had lasagna at MammaMia. The restaurant was owned by Italians. It was a little bit on the pricier side. The waiters offered us Tiramisu dessert. They refused our tip but we insisted. They were so kind.

Back at the training center, I did yoga for the first time and it felt great! I was feeling stressed and cranky for a long time. I really needed it. The yoga instructor was a volunteer, very supportive!

Earlier this morning, some random guy took a picture of me. Really?! Random! I’m a celebrity.

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