My first practicum

Today, I had two practicums, so I was teaching two English classes. The English teacher of that class was there to observe me and translated the class into shqip if the students don’t understand me.

My first practicum was a little disappointed. My colleague was also there to observe me. Most of the time, the English teacher took over and explained to me that the students are chapters behind. I was shocked. I had the lesson prepared but found out that they didn’t reach the level where they were suppose to be. So I read a few passage and asked questions to the class. Some students knew their materials but very shy, and some were just quiet.

My second practicum was more exciting. I was teaching third grade level English. The students were more engaged and many knows their materials. I got them to play games to help on their vocabularies. We played Pictionary. There were a few shy ones, but are smart. They also participated in my game. I was impressed. One thing that made me shocked were the ones without books. Those were the romas (or gypsies). They sat in the back of the classroom, very quiet and “clueless”. It was hard to look at them. I wanted to help them more but I had to keep the show going. I enjoyed it and it was easy.

I had several kids stopping me for pictures and autographs, and a hand shake. One of the boys pointed at the romas and told me to look at them and said they’re crazy. My thoughts were “oh”. That wasn’t nice but I didn’t comment about it. I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with çun-y toons.

Today is my colleague’s birthday so the cafe owner gave me and my colleagues ice cream, on the house.


Finally, in Albanian language class, we studied more grammar and it’s becoming complex. Learning grammar is my favorite part of learning the language.
Albanian phrase of the day:
Koha fluturon!
Meaning: time flies!

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