Third practicum

Today I had my third English teaching practicum and it was not bad. I wouldn’t say I’m afraid but I was irritated because I had zero preparation on the lesson and the 8th graders were very timid of me. Understandable but I blame whoever who did not give me the textbook to prepare my lesson before class. The teacher there helped me out a little bit. However, this shows me that, in situation where there’s zero preparation, I just need to improvise. Luckily, I’m okay.

I met a new friend, who was an English teacher. She’s now an officer. We connected really well. She speaks multiple languages because Albanians are really good at learning languages.

I bought new stationary stuff and that made me happy.

Time to plan my next practicum for tomorrow!

Discover Albanian metal:
Bojken Lako Band

This band is like a mixture of System of the Down and NIN. I enjoyed it and excited because it will help me learn Albanian more enjoyable. I’m a heavy metal type of guy so this fulfill my deep dark soul.

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