No expectations

Today I had my fourth practicum. I was confident about my teaching and it went well. The students were awesome and engaged. They were 8th graders. I received positive feedback.

Tomorrow, I will find out the town I will live for the next two years in the Peace Corps. I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know where I will live, the thought of where I will live is not kicking in. I’ve been living in Albania for a little over a month and it’s still not kicking in that I’m in Albania. I feel that’s a perfect attitude to join the Peace Corps. Have no expectations.

Obsessions Albanians have…

I noticed Albanians are obsessed about being freaked out about getting a cold. I’m told to wear socks and slippers in the house all the time, dry my hair after shower, and wear warm clothes. I was chased by my hosts because I didn’t have socks or slippers on. Okay, okay!

As a guest, you are expected to not argue the host when they pay for your coffee or food. They will argue and fight if you decline their hospitality or offering. I had to learn to embrace this mentality.

Closed space is very common. If someone is standing real close to you, it’s normal. I like to be in my bubble and I don’t welcome anyone to get in my space. This is something I need to embrace because I dislike standing real close to people.

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