Family first and my new town

I finally got the town of where I will live for the rest of my service. My first impression when I found out was underwhelming. I’m also going to be alone with no other volunteers with me. However, my friends who are living there had told me wonderful things about their town. I wanted to be somewhere far away, near the border. Many trainees were happy where they got placed. As for me, I was a grumpy cat. I will not mention what town I will be in.

Before I found out where my site will be at, I was with the rest of the trainees- feeling nervous. They waited and anticipated about where they will serve in the next two years. At first, I didn’t feel the anticipation nor did I care about where I was placed.

Now that I found out where I will be, it doesn’t matter where I’m placed. All it matters is that I’m doing my job and become fluent in Albanian. I don’t care how great and glamorous where everyone else have. I’m also alone so I don’t have to rely on anyone. That’s the spirit! The honey badger.

For a little celebration, my colleagues and I walked to the castle and had chai.



Later that evening, the host family and extended family got together at my host house. A lot came from Italy. They brought in their sick and dying mom and arranged for her to stay at the house for the remaining of her days. It was so hard but I have much respect for this family. They’re strong and very supportive. It does me how powerful and important family is.

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