Awkward moment and practicum

The other day, I was headbanging to some Marilyn Manson with my headphones at a cafe. Later that day, a çun who I recently met, who’s staying at my house, caught me headbanging. He laughed so hard, he never saw anyone, who’s exotic, done it. Awkward.

I had another practicum and I think it went well regardless of what others were thinking. High School albanian English teachers seem to give only positive feedbacks. My colleagues gave me feedbacks that helps me become a better instructor. The students were very engaged and I was pleased. My favorite part was doing the “no opt out” move on a çun, who I think will hire a hitman on me because I was questioning him non-stop. First of all, he was really loud and chatty. I broke him off from his çunny friends because it was disruptive. He may not know how to answer questions, but I managed to make him participate. Too cool for school?

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