Almost done…

I’m almost done with my PST and it was the most intense and stressful experience I’ve ever had. There was a lot of work, intense language sessions, integrating with the locals and much more. I have a really strong support team and very grateful for them. I would not have done this alone. I have great “forced” friends in Albania. There were some good times and some lame times. I survived and I’m glad I made it through. In two more days, I will swear-in and then finally become a Peace Corps Volunteer.

I look forward to having my own apartment and my own free time. There will be lots of alone time and awkward times. I will be living alone without a site mate for support. I do have several neighbouring site mates.

I’m glad I made it this far and feel awesome.

When I get to my site, it will be hard work, stressful, lots of patience, surviving the zombie apocalypse and hope that my community will accept me for who I am.

Challenge accepted.

Oh yeah…and my feet stinks! Obobo, I shower once a week!

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