The final farewells/The move in

That morning, I had a meeting with my counterpart in Durres. After the meeting, I exchanged my final farewells with my colleagues. It’s been a great experience during PST, something I will never forget. I will miss my colleagues and hope to see them again in their home site. Then I packed my bags and took the ride back to Elbasan with my counterpart. She will be my BFFs for the next two years.


Durres is the second biggest city after Tirana.

I finally got to my permanent site where I will be living for two years. It was tiring but I had to settle down, bought household stuff, and walk around with confidence. Most importantly…I bought ten rolls of toilet paper.

My apartment…
I have a room, wc and kitchen with a balcony. I’m happy to say I have a French toilet but I don’t have a toilet seat! My shower doesn’t have a curtain. I suppose it will be painfully cold to shower during winter. I think my room is cute, it fits me.


I don’t have a microwave but I have a mini oven and a stove.


This is my water closet, notice that I don’t have a toilet seat and no shower curtain. That thing hanging on the ceiling is the water heater and I have to turn on the switch to get hot water.


My hallway, with a fridge and a washer machine. It leads to the living room/kitchen.


The stair seems unfriendly. Walk with cautious because some of the steps have cracks.


There are chickens at the front entrance.


The entrance…


The building….


Rubber cat in a cement hole…


The view from the back of my apartment…

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