The neighborhood girls

I left early from school and had some me time. I looked for a few cafe with Wi-Fi and managed to get online. I began doing some scavenger hunt. I asked a lokal owner where things are located, and just to practice my shqip. My town doesn’t have a lot to offer, so it makes scavenger hunt a little easier. It helps that I’m lazy.

Back in my apartment, a couple of girls knocked on my door. They invited me to come play. At first, I was terrified to open because I don’t like being attacked by çuns. They were just nice little girls who knew some English. They were so sweet. I told them I’ll come play after I eat. A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door and there were older girls, asked me to play with them outside. I told them I will be there in ten minutes. I finally got out and began the awkward introduction. The kids were so excited to see me and very welcoming. After we exchanged greetings and introductions, we began playing games…these are games that girls play. One of them is hide and seek, ball throwing, and catching an opponent and turning them into their group. I don’t know the names of these games in shqip so I’ll get back to this entry later on.

We started talking and I got to meet the moms and elders. I got to know more about my neighbors. I was surprised that very few knew how to speak some English. The girls wanted me to speak English, and they teach me Albanian in return. The girls became excited when I told them I watch Diamante Dhe Dashuri, Shtëpiake të Deshpruar, and the Indian drama. I told them my t.v.doesn’t work so they offered to let me come over to their house to watch them. Great!

We walked around the main lake of the town and exchanged some vocabularies. I met a few more locals and neighbors around my building. It was going on like this for hours. I was surrounded with kids and they liked to play with me, touch my hair and held my hands. Is this what I signed up for? To play with kids for the rest of my service? I can’t say no and my job is to integrate. I do need to make a positive impact. I’m still working on it.
Albanian word of the day:
Mos kopjo!
Meaning: Don’t copy!
Pronounced like: moss cop-yo

I learned this during the beginning of my service, when I was observing the class. My counterpart said to her students “Mos kopjo!” because they were having a test.

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