Slow Friday

I live in a small town and there is not a lot to do here.  This is really slow and I’m being a hermit. I’ve done enough integrating for the day, I studied some more shqip, and bought food. I feel like a hermit.

I received a package from a volunteer who is getting ready to leave home for America. She left me a note with encouraging words about my service. Even though we have never met, her words touched my deep and darkest soul. She also got me a packet of chocolate M&Ms. Some of the Peace Corps staff stopped by to see me and handed me the package. I was delighted to see them again.

Albanian names are challenging to memorize. I had to take out a piece of paper to write down names. It was a little awkward but they don’t seem to mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if they talk about me when I’m gone. I hope it’s something nice. I’m a conversation piece of the town….for now. I’m a badass honey badger.

I can’t wait for the evening to come. Slow day is slow and it’s hot to go outside.

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