The invite

That same day, Friday, I played with the neighborhood girls around my building.

They gave me some information about their school, local proverbs, and in return, I play with them for physical workout. There was a girl, who seems a little sassy and was timid to talk to me. I invited her to play ball with me, and eventually she warmed up to me, slowly….

My neighbor invited me to come visit her sick mother in her room. The mother was so excited to see me. There was the brother and the father there. The father spoke some Russian with me, that was exciting. They were very welcoming and offered me peach juice, cherries, and byrek. I also got to meet their extended family. The room was very small and there were 12 people inside. The lady who invited me is an Albanian Language Arts teacher. We both chat about the differences of our language. It was informative and interesting to learn the different Albanian dialects. Her kids came over for the weekend and chat with me. One is 12, and the other is 9. The 9-year old amused me. The first time she saw me, she was really shy and awkward. She gave me the weirdest stare, as if she was going to strangle me, but she’s just curious. I tried to interact with her, but she was like me when I was her age.

After social interacting for several hours, it finally pays off with a free dinner with the family. I felt lazy to cook my own food anyways. SCORE!!!

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