Saturday’s Gabi

Every Saturday, there’s an open street market. It starts from morning until it dies down around noon. The outdoor market is on the main street and stretches out for half a mile. It’s big and carries many things. I found clothes, shoes, household items, food, hardware, and all sorts of stuff.

As I walked around, of course, people stared at me. Curious eyes. Glued eyes. There were awkward language barriers but it worked out. A kind tomato vendor gave me a tomato for free and said it was nothing. I was getting ready to pay too. SCORE!!!

I didn’t buy much because I keep things simple and frugal. It’s just my thing.

I walked to the cafe with a.c. and Wi-Fi. It felt great to have a.c. blown in my face. The weather is in the high 20s Celsius. I’m not a fan of summer and warm weather.

Here are some pictures from the Saturday’s Gabi!


This is part of the view of the main lake in my town.


The mosque

The rest are gabi pictures….



I noticed the upside down Eiffel tower on the red Paris shirt.





And the panorama view…


That’s all folks!

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