Think fast!

At 5p.m., I’m scheduled to play with the neighbor’s kids. It’s starting to become a routine, and I don’t mind. I need to increase my physical activity and social skills. I met more neighbors and walked around the lake.

There were a few things I noticed around here. My next door neighbor asked a 10-year old to go to the store to buy her some cigarettes. It seems that anyone can buy them at any age. Another thing I noticed is people walking show. I’m used to walking fast but I was told to walk slowly.

During play ball with the girls, they asked me to speak English because they needed the practice. So I gave them the new phrase “think fast” while catching a ball. It worked!

Later, I spoke to the older Albanians. I compared the town that I lived in with the town I’m currently living in. Back in Peqin, after 5pm, I hardly see any females out, mostly male. It’s a conservative site. Where I’m currently living, it’s relaxed and I mostly see women out and girls playing outside. It was nice and the people are friendlier to me.

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