A visit to a funeral

My host mom called to invite me to nana’s funeral. Nana passed away yesterday afternoon.

I arrived at the funeral an hour late. The furgon I was in at Elbasan didn’t leave until the vehicle was filled with passengers going to the same destination as I. It was very frustrating. I waited an hour in a warm humid weather.

I finally got to my host family’s house and everyone was gone but a Roma maid. We chatted and I tried to understand her shqip but her accent was difficult to understand. She nearly had no teeth and she kissed my cheeks and hugged me. Wonderful! A boy saw me and said hi to me. He helped me by showing me where everyone was. It was lunch time.

It was at a restaurant. Outside, there was a long line of only men waiting to have their lunch. I walked inside and noticed it was only women, dressed in black, all stared at me. I was looking for my host mom. She was real happy to see me, as well as the aunts. I had my lunch.

After eating, all women slowly walked out the door and exchanged kisses. It was the men’s turn to have lunch while the women walked back to the house. I noticed at first that the genders are separated. Women are more emotional and cried. Men don’t cry because it just shows weakness.

I didn’t stay long because I was concerning with the time on the furgon. My host mom’s neighbor offered to pay for my furgon ride and thanked me for coming to the funeral. I made my farewells and walked to my colleague’s new apartment instead.

We walked to some interesting parts of Peqin.


Don’t mind the guy on the right….just a photo bomber.


The worst thing about Albania is trash! They’re everywhere! They’re sad and depressing! It’s disgusting! My dear readers, now you see? Trash is not enforced!


The bridge of DEATH.

It was time for me to leave. We hung out at the unsigned bus stop so I can return home. I hit the jackpot when I saw the bus heading to my destination. The nice thing about the bus was the a.c.. it’s not as cold but I felt cool. It was also a nice pleasant ride.

When I got home, the neighborhood girls were happy to see me. I helped them with their English homework, listened to music and played ball.

I survived the day!

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