What have I been doing?

After intensive training from PST, I’ve been doing some exploring, playing with the neighborhood girls, learning shqip, teaching, exterminating zombie ants in my house, catching up on Game of Thrones, and surviving the post-PST apocalypse. I’m obsessed with apocalypse, running away from zombies, and learning how to survive. Can’t you tell??

English teaching was fine. I like making a fool of myself. I work at a high school as an English teacher. Students were nice and polite because I have a great counterpart! A lot of the girls are engaged and showed me their rings. I acted like I’m interested but I did say I’m happy for them.

I still have trouble remembering Albanian names. I had to write a list of names to help me remember! The names are difficult to pronounced.

I live in Belsh. It’s a small town that causes me to travel out more. Honestly, I enjoy this town more than the previous town in Peqin. There’s more freedom, more women out in the afternoon, and the people are charming. I didn’t even have to worry about teenage çuns around the neighborhood.

At home, I’m working on my project during my second phase of training. I’m asked to gather information about Belsh, about anything! This requires me to integrate into the community, and explore to get information. Every time I try to speak shqip, there’s always someone who speaks English. It’s the opportunity to practice English on me, which I don’t mind but I also need to practice shqip too.

Wi-Fi situation, about that, I’m debating if I want Wi-Fi in my room. The downside will be staying inside my room and not doing my job as a volunteer to integrate into the community. Honestly, I really don’t care because I have data plan that I’m being real frugal about.


My ten year old neighbor is adorable. She loves plucking flowers and make them into a bouquet. Here’s proof.

Right now, I’m feeling indifferent about my new place. It’s better than nothing but it’s something. I’m trying to get used to my own place, but it’s lonely being the only American there.

Today, I tried sheep cheese. It smelt terrible and strong, but tasted different. It tasted salty. I hated it at first, but I started getting acquired taste and took a few more bites. It’s like fermented fish sauce.
Albanian word of the day:
Meaning: ambidextrous
Pronounced like: mun-gheh-rash

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