A day in Tirana, the sequel

My two buddies and I finally explored Tirana with our own will, free of being controlled, and actually enjoyed our time there.

After staying in a small town for many days, it’s time that I go explore the capital. I was itching to leave the quiet town for excitement. I left early in the morning and met up with my colleague in Elbasan. We took the van, that costed us 200 lekë, to get there. We were excited.

We met up with a friend there and finally had bagels for breakfast. It was AMAZING and washed all my stress and pain away. I haven’t had a bagel since I moved to Albania. It was a little pricey, but that’s Tirana.

After that, we walked to the dried fruit shop and I bought Sriacha sauce. It costed me 740 lekë. It’s expensive. I saw something amazing that caught my eye…..fish sauce! I have to buy it. I had such beautiful moments seeing a small bottle of fish sauce. An angel has finally descended upon me as I looked up to see this.

After that, we walked through an open market, selling clothes and appliances. It was a long strip of people passing through and annoyingly cars can drive through the narrow walkway.


Then we hopped on the TEG (Tirana East Gate) bus to get to the mall that’s in the outskirt of Tirana. It’s 30 lekë one way. The mall gave me a western feel that I felt back home. There were a lot of stores from Italy, Greece and Turkey. Honestly, it’s not the-bomb.com like what most people say. At least I got this off the list and not returning there again. It’s expensive anyways.


This is the super Wal-Mart of Albania but strangely very organized and clean.




We took the bus back to the center and looked for ice cream. We went to the Stevenson Center, that serves ice cream and American food.



This is my sexy legs on the table after eating ice cream.

Good thing about Tirana is that I can get Wi-Fi anywhere for free.

We walked to the German Market and I bought soy sauce that I normally used back home. It was a Suksesë!

The last thing was parting ways. I exchanged farewells to my friend. While waiting for the bus to Elbasan, there was a soccer match at the stadium. It was crowded.


When the bus finally arrived, people started crowded in and pushed each other to get inside. It was disorganized and chaotic, but this is Albania. Albanians don’t stay in lines, they just cut through.


I took the bus back with my colleague to Elbasan and finally part ways to our own furgons.

Here are the three sauces that I bought with happiness in my heart.


Fish Sauce, German Soy Sauce, and Sriracha Sauce…and that’s my roommate on the far left, Snippy Me.

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