Picking up the trash and neighbor rivalries

I sensed tension around my neighborhood girls. They were fighting over me! One girl wants to play jump rope and ball with me, while another girl wants to draw with chalks at another spot. They nearly teared me in half!!! It was nuts!!!

Earlier, I walked outside and started to pick up trash. My little 10-year old neighbor girl joined me without anticipation. We started to walk around our area and picked up some trash, and throw it in a bag. She invited a couple of boys in our neighborhood to join. The action was a success! She even yelled at one of the boys, who carelessly dropped his trash, to pick up his trash and throw it in the trash bin. She yelled at the other boy to pick up the two wood pieces that was on the ground. I was surprisingly happy. Showing kids to pick up trash at a young age gives me hope in Albania. One moment at a time….

Typo observed…so I found this pair of pants that a girl was wearing. It was a picture of a cat and on the bottom of it printed “Sexy car”. Wut? FAIL!

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