Co-teach volunteer visit

A volunteer came to my town and taught English with me. Then I showed him around the area, café, walked around the lake, had pizza for lunch, and threw rocks into the lake. I made rocks skipped seven times across the water. It’s nice to see another American to visit and relate.


This panoramic view was from the pizza restaurant, where we ate outside.
At the cafe before teaching, an Albanian fellow walked up to us and talked to us. He lived in London for 3 years but got sent back home. It seems that the British are kicking immigrants out. He paid for our tea and coffee! How kind!


We walked around the main lake. The picture don’t do justice for this particular view. It almost felt like I’m in a different country, somewhere with the western European vibe. I felt that overcast gave me this kind of view.

After that, I hung out with the neighborhood girls. We did our usual activities, playing ball, drawing with chalks, and walked around the lake to throw rocks. It was tiring but I did something to kill time. I hung out at a bakery store and spoke some Shqip with the women.

While playing with the kids, I played the shqip version of duck duck goose. It’s called “Hodha një letër në post”, I think it means send a letter to the post.

The sky is dark and I don’t answer the door when knocked. However someone kept knocking so I opened the door. My neighbor girls dropped by to give me dinner that they made at home. It made me happy.


I’m going to end my day with some Game of Thrones.

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