A week adventure…and stuck in Lushnje

These past few days had been an adventure. I can’t make this long story short. Embrace it. This entry co-relates with my Durres and Kavaje post.)

It started off with the day trip in Durres. I went with two of my friends. I made a few new friends of students from Tirana. We hung out most of the day until it was time to leave. When it was time to leave, I ran out of luck, trying to find my bus destination. I ended up in Kavajë. See previous post about Durres.

In Kavajë, I walked around with my friend who lives there. Everyone in Kavajë loved him. He was the town celebrity. People honked at him, took pictures with him, wanted to hang out with him….he’s the unicorn of the town. He’s been dealing with this everyday. When me and my other friend was walking with him, we were ignored and unnoticed. It was amusing!

We walked around Kavajë. I think every city in Albania has their own Albania. Every town, city, villages that I have visited has their own personality. This city seems like a kid and family friendly. The city is in the middle of renovation. The place is becoming attractive with water fountains, street lights, palm trees, modern architecture, and old buildings that meets new.

I had pasta ravioli with my colleagues. We walked around to get to know the town in the dark. People were still out with their kids.

In the morning, my friends and I had breakfast, making omelets. Then we went to a second hand store to find clothes. I found a decent looking dress but I didn’t feel like haggling. I ended up not buying it.

It was time to leave Kavaje. My buddy and I walked to the highway to catch a bus. We decided to take different buses alone. I took the bus to Lushnje, hoping I would find my next bus to Elbasan when I get there. I was wrong but I’ll get to that part later. During the bus ride to Lushnje, it was empty. Hardly anyone was there but me and a few elders. There was a guy who was about to leave the bus. Before he walked out, he slid a small piece of paper next to my seat, hoping I would see it. I pretended like I didn’t acknowledge him and continued playing with my fingers. When he left, I opened it up and it was his name and number. When I got to the center of Lushnje, I thought I had to wait until I find the bus station. I was wrong. I should have gotten off. The bus that I rode turned into another destination to Tirana. I decided to stay in the bus to see what will happen. I noticed more people got on and left the town, where I was suppose to get off. I was confused and asked the lady next to me where we were going in albanian. She answered Tirana. I freaked out. Luckily, she was kind enough to help me and told me to get off at the gas station. The center town was 40 minutes walk. It was sunny outside but I had no other choice but to walk. There was a mean looking dog, barking at other dogs and when he looked at me, I thought I was going to get attack. I turned around and saw two old couple staring at me. They signaled me to turn around and keep walking. I did just that. During the walk, I thought about hitchhiking. I didn’t have the patience to do that. I kept on walking until I saw a local cafe. I asked the locals where the center was. They told me where it was at and how long the walk was. I thanked them and kept walking. A few minutes later while walking, I heard a voice behind me. I pretended not to acknowledge but I turned around anyways. There were two boys following me. They wanted to help me. One of them spoke English. His name was Daniel and he was on a holiday. He lives in Greece, a Christian, and dreams of becoming a police officer. He was the sweetest and kindest person who helped me throughout. He tried to negotiate with a few Taxi drivers to to get me back to Belsh but they wanted more money than I could afford.

Luckily, I have a friend who lives in Lushnje. I stayed with her along with another volunteer from Fier. My impression on Lushnje was an interesting one. They have a large beautiful cafe for women and children. I was jealous. There is a grocery store that sells Tabasco sauce for 360 leke, compare to 560 leke in Elbasan-Conrad market. Ia kaluam shume mire!!! We had a good time!

Next morning, I took the bus to Elbasan. The duration was an hour and a half. I finally got to Elbasan, took the furgon to Belsh, from Belsh, I finally arrived home. I received a text from a student, Jona. She invited me to Grekan Village. I was exhausted but decided….hey…why not another adventure???

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