Dushk Village


After the visit from Grekan Village, another student invited me to Dushk Village the next day. I will call her Rogue, because she looks like the character from X-Men. I was becoming tired after visiting to many places for a few days straight (after Durres, Kavaje, and Lushnje)! However, I couldn’t refuse. I want to absorb as much culture and experiences as much as possible. Also, I must help her improve English skills.

Dushk and Grekan are very close to each other and almost takes the same route outside the center from Belsh. Again, I had another nice scenic drive of the countryside. This time, it wasn’t in a farm. I stayed at Rogue’s apartment. It was nice and roomy.

20150602_180701 20150602_180713

The building outside are old and run down, there were a few abandoned buildings, the ground was rocky and uneven. The place needs renovation but this is normal everyday life for the locals here.

I watched her feeding her chickens. Rice.


She made us lunch and we watched TV.


I met her cousin. He came from Greece. We walked around town and the scenery was beautiful. I felt like I was in another country.


There was an overcast and it just rained. It was humid and lots of flying little insects were all over the place. They bugged me. Get it? Get it?


We hung out at the local cafe and chat. Throughout my visit here, I spoke English to help improve her skills. We exchanged slangs and dialogues.


We continued walking along the road and met a lot of Rogue’s cousins. Many has never met an american before so they wanted a picture with me. Finally headed back to her place for dinner. She made Byrek Me Mish, meat pie. I watched her bake it. It was delicious.

20150602_205536 20150602_205558 20150602_210333

And here is the final product!


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