Learn Albanian through Frozen!

I watched Frozen with Albanian subtitles, with original English dub. It’s one of the few fun ways to learn the language instead of reading the textbook. For me at least! Here are some phrases that YOU would like to learn too!!!

1. Do të ndërtojmë një plak dëbore?

Do you want to build a snowman?

2. Për herë te parë pas kaq shume kohësh

For the first time in forever

3. U vrave?

Are you hurt?

4. Zonja ime

My lady

5. Kjo është pakëndshme

This is awkward

6. Dashuria është një derë e hapur!

Love is an open door!

7. Le të dalë

Let it go


The dubbed version has a complete different translation. It’s not exact to the original but the idea has some similarities.

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