Jurassic Tirana

I started my day with a bagel. It was delightful. Then I had tea at Unlimited Soul, coffee shop. The atmosphere inside gave me a different feel, it felt as if I was in a Youth hostel, that’s not in Albania.


I took a day trip to Tirana to watch Jurassic World at a movie theater, at Imperial Cinemas. It was in 3D for 500 leke at Sheraton Hotel. The theater room was smaller but at a decent size. I thought the movie was alright but I did laugh at a few scenes.


After the movie, I went to European Trade Center. It’s a mall filled with European stores. It’s expensive and makes me wonder how the business keeps running. There weren’t that many people either!


I had Pad Thai at Mimi The Best of Asia restaurant. It tasted alright but at least it was “A” for effort. I’m not gonna get that “kick” that I would usually have back in the states or in Thailand. The cost was a little high, but this is Tirana. I paid 550 leke for my plate. The best part about this eating experience was the AC and the nice service I got.


My friend and I wanted to take the bus back to Elbasan. Trying to head back to Elbasan can be a pain. People don’t understand the concept of queuing and it’s really frustrating. Sometimes I wish I could morph into a Velociraptor and bring out the fear in people who pushes others and fight to have a seat. When the bus arrived at the stopping point where people wait to get on the bus, the passengers coming from Elbasan tried to get off the bus but people from outside (who were waiting to get to Elbasan) kept trying to push inside the bus and blocked the passengers from getting out. When I got inside the bus, I thought I was going to get punched. I kept getting pushed and I was literally stuck in the aisle. It was ridiculous. When I finally got my seat, my friend stood in the aisle without one. The driver had to kick the seatless people off the bus. I joined my friend and waited for the next one. It is like this every time!


What I noticed about myself….

Living in Albania has taught me to become creative with my cooking. I’ve been cooking with the stove a lot.


Albanian slang of the day:

Mbyll dyqanim

Meaning: Close the shop

The English version is: XYZ (Examine your zipper!)

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