Edi Rama ne Belsh

I showed up at a political rally in the center of town. I was mainly there for the experience and I wanted to see the Prime Minister of Albania. People were slowly gathered up, set up the stage and waved flags around. When I showed up, I had kids coming up to me and started talking. I did the usual signing autographs and other celebrity status things. The rally started at noon and the music was blaring a few of the same songs on loop. Of course, the popular song “Kuq e zi” did get played. Why am I not surprised? I saw a few of my students at the rally and exchanged greetings. Luckily, I sat under the roof shades by the lokal and sat on the top brick wall. It was uncomfortable but I ain’t giving up my spot. I tried to get some pictures of Edi Rama!

Who is Edi Rama? He’s the albanian Prime Minister and the leader of the Socialist Party of Albania. He made a clean-up project in Tirana by ridding of illegal constructed buildings and tackle rising crimes. He was chosen by Time magazines in 2005 European Heroes-one of the 37 people who changed the world for the better.

And of course…Snippy Me was at the rally!!!!!


The panorama of the gathering.

20150615_123326 20150615_124556 20150615_125243 20150615_125548 20150615_104720 20150615_105514 20150615_111145 20150615_111913 20150615_121915 20150615_122829 20150615_123158

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