Bad Luck in Albania…

A few days ago, my water pipe exploded and lost so much water. No worries, it’s already fixed! But now, I am all out of running water at home because of a human-error mistake….I did laundry and that took a lot of my water. This could complicate my daily routine. This moves me into my next plan, to become a survivalist. This will help me survive in the post-zombie apocalypse…I suppose. Or maybe I just need to become more water efficient. So there are many things that are considered bad luck in Albania, and I happened to come across some of these. I’m not superstitious, but let’s just say I am.

It is Bad Luck:

-Tuesday is the unlucky day of the week (Today is actually Tuesday, so I’m having no running water!)

-To throw away bread (Well, I throw away the crusty part, if that counts.)

-To cut your nails at night (Yikes! I do this often at night and didn’t realize it! It’s no wonder I have no running water at home!)

……there are more but I’m only picking the ones that applied to me.


I hope this will never happen to me but it’s interesting to share some very bad luck:

-To hear an owl sing. The owl is singing about someone’s death.

-To hear dogs howl at night. This mean someone will die.

-When two members of the same family die within the same year. It usually means that a third one one will die as well.


On the plus side, I integrated with the community some more and made a few acquaintances with a few albanian grandpas. Old Albanian people are awesome!!!

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