Chocolate milk is DA BOMB [DOT] COM

SWEET FACT! I just learned Scotland’s national animal is a Unicorn.

Today is English tutoring 1-on-1 with me!

I was invited to a cafe with my neighbor, I will call him M. He introduced me to his friend who was part of the cast from the reality TV show, Big Brother. He also appeared in several known albanian hip-hop/rap videos. He currently works at a lokal and I didn’t get to pay for my tea because it was a welcoming tea. I’m still working on accepting the idea that albanians are very hospitable. I took a selfie with his friend and then continued walking around town with M. He and I discussed about religion, the conflicts between Albania and Serbia, and the history when Jews were hidden in Albania during WW2. They were great discussions because I enjoy learning the views from an Albanian perspective.

After that, I played with the kids and helped a few on their English. One of the volunteer’s host sister came and spoke with me. It’s nice to meet other’s host siblings around town!

The neighbor kid’s mom made me a sandwich. I didn’t have to make dinner tonight! SCORE!!!!

Today has been a productive day.

Oh, and I had chocolate milk!

Game of Thrones tonight!

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